Friday, July 29, 2005

"Express" Train to the Pit

For those of you not familiar with the D.C. metro area, we have something here called the "Express". It's a tabloid style publication of The Washington Post (the largest daily newspaper in the nation's capital, with a circulation of roughly 786,000) . Every weekday, hawkers are paid to hand out this free paper at all the metrorail stations, college campuses, and other busy urban areas.
The Express claims to be real news. (see )
This morning (July 28, 2005) I decided to scan the Express on my way to work. I have a short metro trip, only a few minutes each way. I happened across a short article on the upcoming Women of Faith Conference happening this weekend at the MCI center. I thought it was great that they were promoting such an event. Even the title looked promising, "Good and Good for You". I thought, "Hey, maybe this town isn't that hostile after all."
I began to read the article and was stopped cold upon the reading of one sentence, the contents of which I can't even repeat in it's entirety due to the blasphemous nature of it. But, I will quote as much of it as I can as a reference for the rest of this post: Glenn Dixon writes: " the harried housewives wimper, 'How in the hell can I maintain my Christian walk with that ___(deleted expletive, initials gd)______ 'Veggitales' tape on 15 times a day?'".
I was astonished!
I couldn't believe that an editor would actually let something like that pass as acceptable. I couldn't believe that any writer, no matter his own religious beliefs, would think that it would be ok to use the Lord's name in such an outright disrespectful manner, especially in an article aimed at the very audience that cherishes His precious name above all.
The tone of the article was cynical, it was glib, it was bitter, in short-- it was Washington D.C.
My computer barely even had time to warm up before I had my letter to the editor typed and emailed.

At lunch, I decided to do a little checking on this Glenn Dixon character and discovered that the attitudes I had sensed in my reading were very much intended by the author.

More to come later on this interesting turn of events.....


Anonymous said...

You can see some of our correspondence here:

BlackVelvetLace said...

::Reads Webwide's response to Michelle at the referenced blog and scratches head::

<<...since I no longer believe that there *is* a God I have nothing to rebel against, (snip) Suffice it to say that it’s been a long process of thinking, praying, reading, studying and reasoning to get to where I am today.>>

You prayed your way to atheism? How does that work?

flippnsweet said...

I see you and webwide have been "discussing" his super intelligent, reasoned, scientific, conclusion based entirely on his own emotions.
It's too bad he doesn't understand that faith is not about what can be seen with the eyes. It is counter to everything our emotions and reason say is real. Until we step out blindly.
And then......
Well, let's just say, I've never felt so real before.

Anonymous said...

blackvelvetlace said:
>You prayed your way to atheism? How does that work?
well, prayer is something you do when you're a Christian. Stuff like "God, please guide me into all truth." I prayed a lot in my 30+ years of christianity. Of course, if you no longer believe in the existence of a deity then prayer becomes rather superfluous...

Anonymous said...

flippnsweet said:
>I see you and webwide have been >"discussing" his super intelligent, >reasoned, scientific, conclusion >based entirely on his own emotions.
I based many of my decisions as a Christian on my emotions, my 'heart' - it got me in a lot of trouble. It's one of the first things I gave up as I came down off the ledge of Charismania. And it was after I started using more of my brains and less of my emotions that I began moving away from Orthodoxy

>It's too bad he doesn't understand >that faith is not about what can be >seen with the eyes. It is counter >to everything our emotions and >reason say is real. Until we step >out blindly.
You speak that which you know not of. I operated on that exact basis of faith for many years. I have the same faith the apostles exercised. they followed because they saw him. Even Thomas didn't believe in the resurrection till he saw it with his own eyes. "Blessed are those who have not seen" but nowhere are those who follow in Thomas' steps condemned. In other words, I'll believe it when I see it.

flippnsweet said...

Webwide~ I was led to your blog. Compelled to make a comment. Through this, a friend of mine that I can only say I met through God's divine plan, felt compassion for you and posted as well. This was not random or coincidence. It was answer to your parents' prayer. If you cannot see God's hand in even these events, then you will never see Him. The enemy has veiled your eyes to the Truth. That is, until that time when Christ returns in His Glory and every knee will instantly bow and there will be no more doubting. Unfortunately, it will be too late for you if you wait for this "proof". You will have already made your decision.
Thomas was a good friend of Jesus'. That's why he recognized him when he returned. If you were a friend to Jesus, had a personal relationship with him, you might recognize him now too.
I think you might want to invite Him over and work on building, or rebuilding, that connection.
He's waiting just outside your door. All you have to do is ask.

Glenn Dixon said...

Please see my comment under the 7/31 post concerning my identity. I want to clear up the confusion.


Glenn Dixon