Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Beautiful Day!

Once again, I am reminded that God is faithful. As the stories of compassion and sacrifice begin to roll in, I'm more and more often finding myself welling up with the good kind of tears. The joyful ones. What an unexplainable and miraculous feeling it is to have such joy when circumstances are dark.

The fires of last week had me sooty and saddened. I knew what I was seeing was the very worst of our fallen natures. The clouds had come between us and the sun and I could't feel it-- even though I knew it was still there. What a short memory I have sometimes.

I cried out for goodness-- for salt and light and redemption-- an end to the blame. I wanted to be and do something useful. I knew I had to stop and listen in order to hear the whisper for all the shouting.

Then it happened.

These lights-- beautiful people who shine with the reflection of Christ's love-- warming and comforting, even invigorating, began to shine.

Reaching out, giving sacrificially, loving without expectation-- before long, the clouds had burned away completely. So glorious that when I close my eyes I can still see them, and I can't contain this ridiculous grin.

Thank you all for the brightness you've brought. You are beautiful!


BlackVelvetLace said...

Sweet, I love this blog entry. And your faith edifies me more than you'll ever know. How lucky I am to have met you in the most unlikely of circumstances- online. ::Smiles:::

tacot4 said...

As I told you before Sweet, your writing is beautiful. God shines through you in such a wonderful way and it is a pure joy to me to have met you and hopefully keep in touch :-)

Monkey's Human said...

My feelings exactly BVL. The internet is a strange place, but lately I've been feeling more connected to most amazing people through it.

I felt more hopeful today, although I'm not sure why. I suppose, like you said in this post, more stories of people doing things, people trying to help. It's encouraging in so many ways. Nice post.

flippnsweet said...

Thank you for your loving spirits. I agree, the internet is quite an interesting collection of "people as they want to be". The anonymity of it all leads to some pretty extreme behavior at times. But, it's also been a place where the "etremists" ;) like myself, can find the greatest folks to laugh and share with. What a blessing.

Mandy D said...

As I write this comment I am hearing U2's "Beautiful Day" playing in my head. I agree with the other comments about your beautiful writing style! How gifted you are! I am so totally going have you edit my book before it's published!

flippnsweet said...

Mandy, it's a deal! Just as long as I get a shout out, you know, so I'll look really cool with my props (both literal and figurative) when I say I knew you when. ;)