Monday, February 20, 2006

Third Day

Some friends and I went to the Third Day concert the other day at the Patriot Center in Fairfax. It was the very first stop on their "Wherever You Are" tour.

It was great!!!

The David Crowder Band opened the show and literally got the whole crowd hopping. If you haven't heard their latest album "A Collision", I recommend you check it out. It reminds me a lot of some of the stuff I used to listen to in college. Really experimental and creative. Kind of Rock Opera-esque with a great sense of humor.

I really wish I could post some pictures from the show, but, like a doofus....
I forgot my camera!!!


I took a picture of a concert tee.

There was a moving World Vision video during the intermission. This ministry is devoted to rescuing and healing children who have been effected by tribal wars and AIDS in Africa. It attempts to help the children who have suffered unimaginable atrocities and give them hope for a better future. Many of these children have been kidnapped and forced to serve as "soldiers"/killers or sex slaves. AIDS is used as a weapon upon entire villages and those who are not taken are left behind to care for their dying parents. It is almost too much for me to comprehend. I can't imagine how I would react to such a hopeless and frightening situation in my own life, and I'm an adult.

The World Vision booths allow concert-goers to do something for these children who are so far away. I know a few people who have "adopted" a World Vision child and have been so blessed by the letters they have received from these very thankful children. They are even more blessed in knowing that they are answering God's call to help others. This ministry mobilizes people to make use of contributed gifts and resources-- turning them into hope and a future.

After the break, Third Day took the stage. They were awesome, of course. Their set list was, by their own admission "ambitious". There are so many great songs for them to choose from, and I think they played them all (ok, that might be a slight exaggeration).

These guys, who have been playing together since the early nineties are still able to bring it. The difference between now and then? Now they have families, mortgages, and an appreciation for the many blessings they've received over the years. You can sense it in the maturation of their lyrics as well as in how they've chosen to invest their time. They've taken the opportunities afforded them, through their name recognition, and used them to focus on God's glory through service to others (i.e. World Vision). It's so anti-rock-and-roll. The concert was not a salute to ego. It was worship and encouragement and motivation.

Like the World Vision ministry, the Third Day concert was also a vehicle for hope, in that the latest album's focus is on hope and peace and rest to people "wherever they are", and they played many songs from the new album. Think "Cry out to Jesus", the first single from the album, and you'll get the idea.

The only disappointing thing about the whole night (other than sitting in the parking lot for an hour after the show, trying to get out) was the fact that I forgot my camera!


I did happen to pick up another concert tee......

***warning*** the following photo contains images of small creepy rodents***

Squirrels Rock!


BlackVelvetLace said...

hey Sweet, are you having any trouble seeing your latest posts to your blog?

When I click to go to mine I can only see up to Nov posts, jan/Feb are not showing. I knw they're lurking there somewhere, if I go to my dashboard I can pull them up.. this is weird!

flippnsweet said...

I haven't noticed any problems on my blog, Lace. Well, other than the strange squirrel fascination I seem to have. It was actually kind of funny, I got a very concerned email from my mother the other day with regard to my posts of late. "I'm worried you have too much time on your hands." were her words. Actually, I'm busier than ever it seems, but, she might just have a point. ;)

Mandy D said...

Mary Chelle, I'm so jealous! What an awesome concert! I'm so glad you got to go. Yeah, I love World Vision. I've been involved since 2001. It has been a huge blessing. Yes, the news I hear/read about Africa (specifically Rwanda where my kiddo is) is quite disturbing.