Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Sign of the Beast?

Well, it appears my friend Amy was right after all. Squirrels really are a vicious and possibly possessed species. Here's photographic proof:

(ap photo)

Actually, this was the most-emailed photo on the internet today, according to Yahoo. Apparently, I am not the only person in this world that thinks the squirrels of Alexandria, VA are HILARIOUS -- and extremely photogenic to boot.

Speaking of boots, and my squirrelphobic friends-- Robby and I have just returned from the second leg of the wedding reception tour-- TEXAS!

It was great!

Seeing all of my friends and family again was so great for me. Meeting the rest of my friends and family was... um... so great for Robby too! :D

See how happy he looks? (pay no attention to the blood shot eyes)

Perhaps I'll post a few photos from the fancy reception later. For now, I thought I would put up a few pics of some of the simpler things we saw along the way. Well, ok, so maybe the world's largest cedar rocking chair isn't so simple, but it's one of those wacky "ball-o-twine" things that mysteriously pull people from roadways and force them to chronicle their experience.

So there you have it. Other than the rabid rodents, today (6/6/06)has not been so ominous or demonic at all. The weather was beautiful. People were out enjoying the sights. Bison were, um, mooing?, and the other beasts of burden were pretty much keeping to themselves.

In fact, you might just say today was a little more like....


Carol said...

Hi Flippnsweet,
Sounds like a great time.
There was a Canadian comedy show called "Corner Gas" where they were trying to think of a large item to display for their town. They decided on a large hoe!

flippnsweet said...

That's too funny. I'm sensing a theme here: People making huge replicas of implements used by those who work hard all day and appreciate a much needed rest. Of course these monstrosities are not the least bit useful and would, therefore, be considered wasteful to those who might actually use them, but the rest of us sure do like to stand back and ogle these non-functional tributes to the working man. Ironic isn't it?

Oh well, I guess I'll just go practice some more on my cyber cow bell for the upcoming internet parade. ;)

Thanks for visiting Carol. I can't tell you how much I cracked up reading the winning blog from Friday. That woman is too funny. What a great find.

Your FFMB idea has touched many lives, brought smiles and laughs to countless folks. It's great to see a decency virus spreading on the internet for once.

Carol said...

Oh, I am pleased to know you are practising. Yep, the big day is tomorrow. (Thanks, by the way)

Metalchick said...

Hi Flippinsweet,
Yes I've heard of squirrels being vicious. One time on a class trip, some of the girls in my class were scared of the squirrels because they claimed that the squirrels were growling at them. I think that squirrels are funny.

OK that's enough about squirrels. The pictures ae very nice. I like the one of the cherry blossoms. The zoo pictures are great too.

Feel free to drop by my blog.

Amy said...

OMG! I knew it. It is only a matter of time before the truth about squirrels is widely known. Then I will be saying I told you so to everyone.

Oh, and great meeting your cutie hubby and seeing you, you are ultra-beautiful!! hugs!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I love the squirrel photo!!

flippnsweet said...

Yes, I love the photo too. It's one of the few photos I've posted from the web (most are from my camera). It was just too good and cracked me up every time I looked at it.

I think others are beginning to worry about the number of squirrel references I have on my blog.

Perhaps I should re-name it to something more appropriate: Squirrel District, or.....

Nut House

BlackVelvetLace said...

The Nut House, Washington DC. Sounds appropriate to me!! :)~


Joyce said...

Hello, Flippnsweet. Thank you for all the kind words you left when you visited my art blog. Makes me feel very good about my art.

You have taken a lot of very good photographs. I enjoy looking at them.

flippnsweet said...

Thanks guys. I'm so happy to see so many faces around here. Things have been so hectic this year, I have felt so out of touch with folks.
I'm thankful for the web and its ability to keep people connected.

How else would I have been able to meet so many great artists and friends and see their own avenue of expression off the internet superhighway.