Sunday, July 02, 2006

They Aren't Kidding

We've had some stormy weather in the area recently. Two major floods and many thunderstorms have already made this the wettest July in Washingtonian memory.

This photo was taken less than a block from my apartment. It shows the playground of a local church with the precient warning for visitors to play at their own risk. Just beyond the sign you will see one of many very large trees downed by the powerful storms of recent days.

Many people in the area have been without power for weeks. Flooded basements and broken water mains are commonplace.

Fourth of July festivities were dampened for many visitors to the Capital as a powerful downpour opened up over the gathering crowds on the national mall.

Thankfully, the rains were brief and the fireworks protected. By nightfall, the grounds had dried enough to allow a place for oohing and aahing spectators to enjoy the man-made thunder and lightening of the fireworks' show.

Robby and I took in the rocket's red glare in the new old-fashioned way--comfortably seated on the sofa-- safe and dry. We had taken in the National's game earlier in the afternoon and witnessed a walk-off homer by Ryan Zimmerman that would have made any fireworks display pale by comparison.

Besides, who wants to sit in a soggy field for hours when the whole thing is televised?

Well, I guess maybe those thousands of people who had traveled hundreds of miles to be there did.

I have more pictures to put up but I've been having some problems with my internet provider lately and that elusive server my computer can never seem to find. Not really a server, now, is it? Anyway, as soon as I'm able I'll post some more photos.

We're headed to South Carolina this weekend for the last stop on the wedding reception tour 2006. I'll get a chance to meet all of the friends and relatives I didn't meet before the wedding and probably hear some interesting stories, but, as a mutual friend of ours recently told me: I might as well tear up the receipt on this one (Robby), there's no taking him back now.

If only there had a warning sign, maybe something like....

"Play at Your Own Risk"



David said...

love always involves risk - glad yours is under control
peace to you

BlackVelvetLace said...

Hey Sweet, got your email and responded. Hope alls well!!!


nobody girl said...

happy 1st FFMB anniversary!

clogger, theremin