Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A New Adventure!

2008 is only just beginning but it already promises to be a year Robby and I will never forget. It will be a year of change to be sure. It will be the year that Robby and I will enter that honored stage in life known as-- parenthood!

Yes, we're going to be parents. It's hard to believe. In less than six months, close to everything we've come to know in this life up to now is going to change. And we couldn't be more excited, not even if Ty Pennington were here shouting "WELCOME HOME" in our ears with a bullhorn.

We find out next week whether or not we will be welcoming a baby girl or a baby boy to our household. I think not knowing has saved us a lot of money up to this point, but all bets are off after Monday (unless, of course, baby wants to play hide-and-seek with the ultrasound technician). There are just tooo many cute things out there-- most of which they won't remember having, or having spit up on, but it's still too tiny and irresistable to pass on in the stores. I feel certain that this child will one day resent its mother for all of the photos I'm going to take and eventually show their future spouses, but (like my own dear mother) I'm doing it anyway! Tradition!!! ;)

Estimated arrival date is June 25th, 2008!

We'll make sure to keep the blog updated with new information on pink or blue, as it becomes available.


Amy said...


I could die that I haven't checked your blog in a few days so I'm just now getting the BIG NEWS!!!

WE ARE SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!! And praying for you and baby!!!

Hugs from funkytown!!!!

ADB said...

OMG- I am so HAPPY for you guys!! Congrats!!


Michelle said...

Thanks you Amy and ADB! And congratulations are in order for you too Amy! Your baby boy is absolutely beautiful! :D