Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's Turkey Day and everyone had a great day of food, fun, and fellowship. Emma tried the classic Thanksgiving treat of sweet potato for the first time and was finally able to try out the Boon Spoon that auntie Roshni gave her. It was great. Emma ate the whole jar and would have probably eaten more if we had let her.
The spoon is quite interesting and allows you to feed baby without having to "re-dip" into a jar. The food is in a compartment in the back of the spoon and squeezes out onto the spoon for easy consumption. I think it says you can put the cap back on and put the whole thing back into the refrigerator if baby doesn't eat all her food, but we didn't get the chance to try that option out yet.
We had a great meal over at our neighbors house. They have a daughter just two days older than Emma. Funny, we both went into labor at the same time. (funny, in a walking around with contractions for two days kind of way). Anyway, they are awesome neighbors and God has gifted us with great folks all around. They just love to go all out when it comes to celebrations and this Thanksgiving did not disappoint. Thanks guys!!!
So much to be thankful for!


Nicole said...

What a neat little spoon!!

Michelle said...

Yes, it is pretty neat. I definitely recommend it.

Katherine Klegin said...

How awesome!! And the baby food doesn't leak out or anything? I'll definitely have to pick one of these up for my neice or nephew. (whichever one it is.)