Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Have I mentioned that my husband is incredible? Well, he is. Just when I thought things couldn't get any better, he goes and surprises me again.
On Thursday, he had a bouquet of lovely roses delivered. On Friday, we had an awesome dinner, accompanied by our beautiful Valentine Emma. It was wonderful! Just being blessed with having the two best Valentines in the world this year was enough to make this the best Valentine's Day ever. But wait-- there's MORE!
On Saturday, I walked down the steps to see my loving husband and my beautiful daughter enjoying a nice breakfast and generally having a meaningful conversation on the pro's and con's of puppy ownership. Robby likes to kid and make me think that he and Emma are plotting to get a puppy for us as a present for every holiday. So, I didn't think much of it when he started bringing up the "Emma, did you remember to feed the puppy this morning?" talk. I started the coffee and shuffled toward the living room to check the morning email, as usual. And wouldn't you know it..... there, on the sofa, was... a PUPPY!

Ok. So it was a stuffed puppy. But it was a puppy! And not only that, but it was a stuffed puppy on top of a big box with a sewing and embroidery machine inside!!!!
Some people might think this is a strange present to give someone on Valentine's Day, but not me! It is exactly what I wanted. :D I've given Robby a list of three big items that I would want if ever there were an occasion where a big ticket item was going to be purchased. I totally didn't expect this! We had already had a wonderful Valentine's Day weekend. But wait--there's still more!
"We're going on a trip." he said.
So, we loaded up the truck and headed south. I thought for sure we were going to the Cracker Barrel for a nice morning meal, but no, we kept on driving right past the exit. We kept going until we got to Fredericksburg, VA, the location of the nearest Sonic. I have mentioned many times that it is so frustrating that we do not have a Sonic nearby and yet they continue to torture me with advertising on all the local television stations. Oh, how I love their slushies, shakes, and other yummy treats. This was a wonderful surprise indeed! I made sure to order the most "rot gut" stuff I could manage. It isn't every day I get eat at Sonic, so I had to make it count! "Put some chili on it!" was my battle cry.
After our Sonic splurge we went to a fabric story and I proceeded to buy lots of thread for my new machine. 50% off sale! Holla!

And that was my awesome, amazing, super fantastic holiday weekend!

(I'm not sure why blogger is flipping the video to its side or how to get it to play upright. Perhaps watching it with your head bent at a 90 degree angle is better for this story anyway.)

What a wonderful pair of sweethearts I have. My cuties are the best! They make every day a fun and exciting adventure.


BlackVelvetLace said...

Michelle, your daughter is a flippin sweet as you!!!! She is positively ADORABLE. You sound so happy, and I'm so happyu for you!!

This winter has been a bit tough, but I'm back to work partpart time now YaYaYaYa (thyroid stabilize PLEASE!!)

Hope to hear from you sometime soon!!!


Michelle said...

Thank you Lace. It is so good to hear from you. Any more recordings lately? I bet you've got an awesome blues album in there right now just waiting to come out. Followed by dance disc, of course.