Thursday, April 16, 2009


So, I debated on whether or not to tell this next story. It goes back and forth from "oh how sweet" to "oh how gross" A LOT, and I'm not exactly sure where I end up when it's all said and done. Actually, I'll go ahead and tell it and let you decide.

Here's how it starts:
Daddy buys darling daughter a pretty Easter dress.
Daddy buys darling daughter another pretty Easter dress. (she's not spoiled)

Daughter wears first dress for the Maundy Thursday service. Dress never makes it into the sanctuary.

Just as we arrived in the parking lot at the church (pretty early, thank goodness).
Emma makes that oh so familiar face. You know. The one where she turns beet red and silent tears stream from both eyes. "That's ok", I say to myself, thinking we had plenty of time to change her before the service.
That was before.
Before I found out that the old familiar face was hiding something oh so unfamiliar. A poop the likes of which had never been seen. Uncontainable poopage.
even more ewwwww...
It took a whole box of wipes to get her (and her carseat) cleaned off.
Luckily, we had lots of plastic bags on hand to contain everything. We put her in her extra change of clothes, packaged all the yuckiness into little blue bags and sealed them up tight. Wipes, diaper, and other trash into one bag. Her pretty poopy Easter dress into another. Robby tossed all the trash in the trashcan outside and we were still early for the Tenebrae.
All was well.
Or so we thought.

Until, of course, we get home that night and I discovered that there was a little blue bag full of trash in the front seat.
Uh oh.
Easter dress got tossed instead of the trash.
Oh no.
So sad. And we didn't even have a picture of her wearing it. :(
Would you believe it was still there on Sunday when we arrived for Easter service?

And would you believe that Daddy fished it out of the trash can?


Would you believe he also super duper oxy cleaned it himself when we got home so his little sweetheart could have her picture taken in her Easter dress?
In my book, Daddy is a hero. I can say this with full confidence because I inspected the dress and there was nary a stain one and not a whiff of stank to it. :D

So, here you have it. The dress that Daddy bought and saved for his little princess.

And here is the second Easter dress that Emma ended up wearing on Sunday.

No blowouts in this one! Hooray!!!


Katherine Klegin said...

What a super cute dress!!! Good thing daddy was so brave!

ADB said...

he is a hero!! cute dresses and she's getting so big =)