Thursday, September 24, 2009

It's fall again already?

Oh, it has been a long, long, time since my last post. Here is where I insert my lame excuse as to why:
I've been.... um.....doing
...not a whole lot.

Well, actually, we have been traveling the past couple of weeks. We took a trip to Texas for my family reunion. And then we took a trip to South Carolina for Robby's High School reunion. I was sick the entire time and it rained almost constantly on both trips, but, other than that-- It Was Great!
Here are a few photos:
Emma and her cousin Logan

Emma imitating the elephants.

The first two photos were taken at the Fort Worth Zoo. It was a little damp but not pouring that morning. We didn't get to ride the train because of the weather but at least we got to see most of the animals and the crowds were not bad at all.

This picture was taken at one of my favorite restaurants of all time-- Edelweiss! Robby despises German food but put on a happy face for me. :D I think the little ones liked it too!

And now to the Evans reunion...

You've got to watch out for those women in the kitchen....

By the end of the day, Emma was exhausted. There were so many little ones running around and she wanted to be right in the middle of it all. Unfortunately, she is still a little too small to run with the "older" crowd. So, instead, she ran her parents in circles the whole time. Did I mention I was sick the whole time? Bless Robby. He was a trooper and even served as a comfy place to rest when the time was right. ;)

I'll try to load up a photo or two from his reunion next. Hopefully, that won't take me a month to do this time. ;)

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