Monday, February 08, 2010

Things to do when you are snowed in...

Not being able to leave the house for several days with an active toddler can be quite a challenge but it is certainly not boring. We have found many things to do. Here are just a few: In this picture alone you can see ribbon, finger paints, stickers and the cover for a large collection of Veggie Tale DVD's. You can only imagine the silly songs that have been running on a continuous loop through my mind as I try to go to sleep at night. On this day we were making valentines for Daddy. Shhhh... don't tell him yet. He doesn't know.

Here we are rocking out to some great tunes on Grandma's piano. None of us knows how to play but we have a blast anyway.
I gave Emma an old day planner from 2008. It has a really cute cover and I hated to throw it out. She felt like such a big girl with her very own book to "write" in.

Emma had her very own grunge karaoke party too. Such a versatile performer!

Of course there was also the occasional eating of chocolate. Carbs are important to keeping up your energy and spirits during a snowstorm, I'm convinced of it!

And what little girl doesn't love a tea party? Emma took to her tea set so naturally that Daddy was convinced that tea parties are encoded into female DNA. She was quite the polite hostess indeed. Emma shared her tea and company with her old parents in elegant grace and style. We felt quite honored to have been invited.

I can't imagine anyone better to spent so much quality time with than my adorable daughter and my splendid husband.

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