Thursday, December 15, 2005

More Christmas

...and greenery!

No, the Capitol has not been attacked by gigantic poinsettias and blue sweatered giants.

It is the Christmas display of festive foliage at the National Botanic Gardens.

The display includes many replicas of historic Washington landmarks.

Each structure is painstakingly glued and constructed from bark, leaves and other natural materials.

It's kind of like the termites' equivalent of our gingerbread house.

In addition to the lush and beautiful poinsettias and other vegetation surrounding these monuments

there are...

(And, Monkey, hopefully you and the boy will appreciate this one)

...more non-people-sized trains!



wind-up-man said...

What an eclectic Woman, You are flippinsweet!

mandy d said...

I'm so glad you were here this past week! It was great visiting our home-away-from-home with you guys. I hope you had a safe trip back and I can't wait to chat again soon!

BlackVelvetLace said...

OOO Sweettttt how are youuuu?? Happy New Yearrrrrrr