Wednesday, April 25, 2007

One year!

To our pastor's great surprise, the hubby and I survived our first year of marriage! He (the pastor) claims he's only kidding when he says it, but, you just never know with that guy. ;)

It has been an amazing and wonderful year-- even better than I could have imagined. I'm not exactly sure what Robby did wrong to be paired with me, but, I'm sure glad for whatever it was.

Through all of the rough times (illness, loss, etc) Robby has been solid. What a blessing! We've grown closer because of these tragedies, instead of letting them tear us apart, and I credit it all to Robby and his strong relationship with the Lord. Had he not been clinging to Christ with one hand and to me with the other, neither one of us would have stood through the storms.

I know I have my own role to play in completing that circle and holding on to them both, but, I can definitely say, Robby's taken up a bunch of my slack.

I'm pretty sure I've mixed a dozen metaphors already, but, this is a blog-- it's allowed. :D

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