Thursday, June 14, 2007

Air and Space

Not quite the final frontier...but, the National Air and Space Museum, aka, the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center, is all the way out near Dulles Airport. There is also another Smithsonian Air and Space museum but it is in downtown DC.

Unlike most other Smithsonian Museums, the National Air and Space Museum has a fee. It's a parking fee, not an admission fee. They say it's because the airport requires it. So, don't neglect to bring $12 with you if you plan on stopping your car.

The Museum has plenty of aviation history. Some of it is not so pretty...

And some of it is downright adorable!

This thing looks like it flew right out of a Pixar film, don't you think?

There are planes for the wealthy........... and planes for the stealthy.

They even have helicopters.

And, of course...... there are plenty of amazing space gizmo's too!

Satellites, missiles, shuttles, rovers....

And, no trip to the Air and Space would be complete without a look at the most famous piece of Astronaut clothing ever!

Yes, there definitely is something for everyone at the National Air and Space Museum.


Queen Rosh said...

Sounds like fun! I was thinking of taking my nephew there soon...can you get inside any of the planes or do you just stand there and look at them?

Just wondering...

Michelle said...

You can't get inside any of the planes, but, there are a few interactive flight simulator type things you can do. They also have a couple of Omni movies there in the theater and one of them is about jet flight. I think you have to pay extra for those though.