Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Afternoon ponderings

So I'm sitting here staring out the window again. It's hard not to. From this desk, I can see (among other things) the Capital, the Washington Monument, the Jefferson Memorial, Reagan National Airport, the under-construction Gaylord National convention center, the Naval Research center, Georgetown, and the Washington Navy Yards (where Robby works). It's pretty cool. I can see two different states (Virginia and Maryland) and a district (DC) without leaving my chair.

They tell me that on 9/11 the offices here "shook", and that it looked as though the airport were on fire (the Pentagon is just beyond it from here). There are other stories about how people have seen German subs floating around outside this window too. The submariners were out of the hatch, laughing and taking pictures with the Capital in the background-- acting as though they had "captured" it. I might be able to add that to my list of strange tourist sightings... if I ever get the chance.

I haven't seen any submarines yet, but the sailboats were out "racing" on the Potomac again today. So pretty.

I wonder... If I had as much free time and money as these people.... would I be sailing too?

That's just another one of those questions might tell me something about myself if I took the time to dissect it, but that ultimately wouldn't make much of a practical difference in my life. Chances are, I'll never have to worry about having too much money and free time. Like it is with most other people--those two things seem to be on opposite ends of the see-saw--when one is up, the other is down.

I've discovered that these sailing folks are playing on a whole different playground than the rest of us.

I took a few photos of my view from this office, but, the images seriously fell short of the reality. It's really a shame to post them, it just wouldn't do justice to the subject. It's kind of like how my tales of the beauty and splendor out the office window are SO much better than the reality of sitting behind this desk and dealing with minutiae all day.

But hey, this view even makes the minutiae more interesting. :D

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