Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Evening Parade

Once again, we headed to the Marine Barracks at 8th and I for the historic Evening Parade. What a great tradition. Everything about the night is "different" than what you'll see other places and that's because it is.... the same. It is the same basic format that it has been for the past 50 years.

The hour and fifteen minute program features "The President's Own" United States Marine Band, "The Commandant's Own" The United States Marine Drum and Bugle Corps, the Marine Corps Color Guard, the Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon, Ceremonial Marchers, and Sgt. Chesty XII, the official mascot of Marine Barracks Washington.

The mere fact that they do not pass out from the summer heat while wearing those heavy uniforms is impressive. Add to that the fact that they are all friendly-- even humorous -- while wearing those hot heavy uniforms and you know you're witnessing discipline at its pinnacle.
Well, and then you watch the silent drill team and that puts it over the top.

Being a spectator at the program requires discipline as well. It's hot and the wait can be a long one. With no backs on the bleachers and crowded conditions, it's not the most comfortable time you'll have in your life. But, by the time taps is played at the end of the evening, you will have forgotten all about that and will be very glad you came.

We took our new(ish) video camera, hoping to get at least a few good moments. Remember, it's a night time event so it's really dark. I still haven't pulled any stills, but I'm working on it. I'll get those up when I get the editing software figured out. Until then, you can visit the website for more info and to see a few photos here.

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