Sunday, July 29, 2007

What I did on my summer vacation...

The picture above is from Hallie Joy's going away party. She's off to New Haven and taking the QC to new levels of greatness. Good luck Hallie!

Sweet Freedom was an amazing (almost) two months of revitalizing adventure, rest, and fun. Overall, I've lost 12 pounds and I've regained a little bit of that ole sparkle. What a blessing!

Highlights from Sweet Freedom include the trips to Florida and South Carolina, baseball games, bike rides in DC, VBC, dinners with friends, and lots and lots of quality time with my sweet hubbin'.

Tomorrow I start my new job in Old Town. It should be a lot of fun and the office has the nicest view I think I've ever seen. Maybe I'll get some pictures and post them soon.
Until then, I leave you with the latest sighting of the (not so) elusive, yet extremely menacing, green Sweet Freedom friend....

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