Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hunting Island

In addition to those polished and charming cities on the water, we also visited more rustic places, like Hunting Island. About an hour from Charleston and a stones throw from Parris Island, this island takes a different step back into the history of South Carolina. The lands here are protected from development and the largest threat to the loggerhead turtles here seems to be the steady ocean creep that is slowly reclaiming the beaches.

The main attraction on this island is the lighthouse.

We enjoyed our time here, and were especially intrigued by the large amounts of driftwood. As the ocean creeps closer and closer to the lighthouse, the native palm trees in its path are swallowed by the waters and shaped over time by the sands and tides.
This was once a popular layover for sailors and pirates.
It's not hard to imagine Blackbeard and his crew hiding out and counting their treasures here as they waited for their next mark to make their way toward the rich port city of Charleston.

Tree bones

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