Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Charleston, SC

Recently, we took a little trip down south to Charleston, South Carolina. It's a beautiful city filled with brightly painted homes and palmetto trees. Due to location-- ideal for shipping and distributing goods-- it has a rich history filled with both prosperity and conflict. Today, it is recognized as America's "best mannered" city.

The flags above are the United States flag and the state flag of South Carolina. I point this out because this poor flag is often mis-identified by those not from South Carolina. My husband (who does happen to be a South Carolina native) was once asked by a co-worker..."what's up with all those radical Islamic fundamentalists you got down there???"

Confused by this question, he asked the fellow to explain.... turns out... it was the flag.

If you look closely at the pictures below, you will see that it is the abundance of palmetto trees that inspired this flag's design.

I liked this fountain. This little girl and I feel the exact same way about pigeons.

A view of the new span bridge. All of the stories I had heard were about how scary the old Cooper river bridge was. This new bridge is very nice. Not scary at all.. well... that is...

until Gumby attacked!

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