Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

What a BEAUTIFUL holiday weekend. Blue skies, sunshine, cool breezes-- the weather was perfect.

To make it all even better, my best friend from law school, Lisa, came to visit. We decided to get ourselves outdoors and see some of the DC sights.

We had a great time visiting and talking about the many things that have changed so drastically since we met that very first day of school.
Back then, we never could have guessed our lives would be as they are today. Who would have put either of us in any state but Texas??? And yet, here I am in Virginia, and she's in Alabama.
When we first met, I was as lost as a "ball in high grass", yet, somehow, Lisa didn't judge me nor did she give up on me.
Today, we are strong Christian sisters and our love of Christ has made us even better friends. We've both been through a lot in the past ten years and our friendship has helped us get through the toughest of those times.
It was a wonderful weekend. I'm so thankful to have been able to spend this time with my good friend. Once again, it is a precious reminder of what eternity will be like... only better-- perfect conditions and surrounded by saints.


BlackVelvetLace said...

These pics are gorgeous. Sweet I need a camera and better lighting on my blog. It's too drab, blah.

How ARE you, I can see what you've been up to, LOTS. That's great. Looks like the married life suits you very well :)

Email and fill me in sometime!!


BlackVelvetLace said...

Thanks for coming to visit me! I miss you girlfriend. Miss our *Kept* days. What a hoot!!