Wednesday, September 19, 2007


It has been a sad month for Robby and I. It's never easy when those close to you are sick or hurt. For the past few weeks we've been traveling to see my father in the hospital. His condition is steadily worsening, yet he continues to fight on and amaze his doctors. Nearly two years ago, we gathered by his bedside in much the same way. The doctors were sure he wouldn't make it.

Expecting to hear bad news about my father, we were stunned to receive a telephone call two weeks ago with bad news of a different kind. Barry, Robby's nephew, called us from his hospital bed, shaken up, but ok. His patrol had been hit by an IED. Barry's cousin, Daniel, who was also serving in Iraq, called his younger cousin a few days later to give him encouragement.

Daniel died on Friday-- killed by an IED.

Daniel leaves behind a wife, a young daughter, many grieving family members, friends, and a grateful nation.

We leave tomorrow to travel to South Carolina for Daniel's Funeral. Our hearts are hurting, but we are comforted by the knowledge that Daniel is a Christian and is with Christ in heaven now. He died to protect us and we are thankful for his sacrifice.

It is hard to see our young men go. It's hard to see an old vet go too.

These men are heroes. And saints.

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BlackVelvetLace said...

Oh Sweet, I just popped by and read your entry. I am so very sorry, please, give my condolences to Robby. And to Daniel's family. It must be devastating. Not for Daniel, he is home safe now, it's just so hard for those left behind until they meet again.

I hope your dad is doing OK. I recall when he was sick 2 years ago.