Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Just For Fun

Oh my goodness. It has been WAY too long since my last post! Things have been as crazy as usual around here and don't appear to be getting any less so. Soooo, I'll just fill you all in on what's up with the Wagoner's these days.

After three trips to Texas in a little over a month, two funerals, several big projects at work and a pretty bad cold... Robby and I finally decided to take a trip that didn't involve us visiting a hospital or a cemetery. We were also a little weary of air travel (I suspect all the flying didn't help my cold any) so we drove to Myrtle Beach.

It was beautiful. The weather was great! No crowds, so we were able to stay right on the beach-- no problem. Saturday morning, we were surprised to find the beach covered in .....


Apparently, we walked in on a "Beach Ride" to raise money for the American Heart Association. What an awesome sight.

We enjoyed our relaxing weekend and are looking forward to the upcoming holidays.

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