Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mail Call!!

Actually, this post is going to be more about all the wonderful things I have to be thankful for this year, but, I didn't have any really cool Turkey Day photos, so, I thought I would just put up a picture of me and "The Gunny" (R. Lee Ermey) at this year's AUSA Conference.

So, now to the Thanksgiving stuff! Much has happened since this time last year. There have been births... My nephew Logan, born last November, and my niece Angelina, born this August. There have deaths... My grandmother Edith, and Robby's nephew Daniel, and, most recently, our beloved beagle Baxter. There have been illnesses... My father is still holding on in the ICU. What a fighter!

Through all of these events, I think Robby and I have set a new record ourselves in doctors and dentist visits. God has been so good to take care of us through it all. He's given us each other, he's given us a wonderful church home and family, and he's given us great jobs to help pay for all these visits. (Hooray!! I am now able to work predominantly from home! NO COMMUTE!!!)

As for Thanksgiving day, we decided to forgo any more travel and stay here in Virginia. We made the rounds, visiting friends and enjoying the beautiful colors of the changing leaves. It was a good day.

I couldn't help but think of how different the holidays are now from what I remember as a child. With both of my grandparents passed on now, we will no longer gather at their home for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, and every other holiday where folks get together. Now that both of my brothers are married and have kids of their own, new traditions are beginning. Living so far from them all adds additional challenges for us too.

I'm sure this next year will be filled with its own set of "adventures". I'm also certain that the Lord will bring us through those as well and will continue to draw us closer to each other and closer to Him. I have the best husband in all the world and God has shown his amazing mercy in giving me a man who is FAR better than I deserve.

I am so thankful for every trial, every blessing, of this past year. God has shown Himself faithful as always. As the new year approaches, I can already feel that familiar excitement/fear of standing on the precipice of something new and wonderful about to happen.

As my good friend Shanda will remember from our skiing trips of old... standing by as I foolishly gunned it down the mountain at way too fast a speed, no fear of the possible harm that could befall me, no cognizance of the moguls or my lack of skiing skills, there's sill really only one thing for me to say at times like these....


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