Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Almost Christmas!

My mom's trip to DC went well. With reports of possible severe "wintry mix" storms, we were a little worried that things would be a mess, but other than the freezing temperatures and some very strong winds, things were pretty good. :D

We did have to make sure to bundle up before heading out to take in some of the Christmas sights. The picture above was taken in front of the US Botanic Gardens. They have a great holiday train display. We were impressed.

We walked over to see the Capital Christmas tree and then to Union Station for their display.... a Norwegian Christmas tree (?).

I'm pretty sure Mom got her fill of cold weather for the season.

It's hard to believe that this year will be the first year I've spent a Christmas outside of Texas! There have been some Christmases where it has been 80 degrees outside. Not this year.
This year, Robby and I will be going to Shepherdstown, WV to spend a few days at the Bavarian Inn. We're hoping for some snow. I'm excited about eating some authentic German cuisine and getting my sweet husband to join me. It's not his favorite. Every time I mention it, he mumbles something about it smelling like an old wet foot. Mmmmm... yummy. He says he's going to give it a shot this time-- his willingness to try is good enough for me. :D
I pray you and your families enjoy a wonder Christmas this year and create many great memories to recount in the years to come.
... I wonder if Robby will fondly recall this Christmas every time he catches a whiff of an old gym shoe? Oh well....
Merry Christmas everybody!!!

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Amy said...

mmmmm german food!

i'm thinking a trip to edelweiss is in order!!

wish you were here to join us!!!

amy d

email coming soon w/ new address =)