Thursday, February 07, 2008

Home sweet home?

Searching for a house in Northern Virginia is quite a humbling experience. Robby and I have been renting for way too long because it is almost impossible to find an affordable home that is close enough to our church and to Robby's work. I would rather live in a tiny apartment than to waste away in traffic. But now that we have a baby on the way and things are finally turning to a buyers market in this area, we thought this would be a great time to take the plunge.

Wow! That's the word we keep seeing. Just about every listing begins with the comment "Wow!" and when we show up to look at the place... wow is not quite the word that comes to mind. "Whoa", maybe? Or "What???" possibly. It's unbelievable the conditions of these places. Yikes! Can these people be serious? I think about how much house this much money would buy back in our home states of Texas and South Carolina and I just have to shake my head.

But we are not giving up!

Somewhere the perfect house awaits.

In other (much more fantastic) news... My youngest niece, Angelina, has finally gotten out of her harness. She had one of the worst cases of hip displasia that the doctors at her hospital had ever seen. They were all shocked to see her progress. I, of course, was not shocked. I knew the amount of prayer that had been showered on this precious girl. Her birth itself is a miracle. And now, she'll soon be crawling and will have no memories of her trying first (almost) 6 months. But the rest of us will never forget how blessed she is. I'm certain my brother and sister-in-law will never forget what it was like changing all of those diapers while their precious baby was in her cast ( a three person job from what I understand). Hooray!

As for Wagoner family news, I just keep getting bigger and bigger. Little Emma Grace is busy flipping and flopping like crazy. Robby is still the hardest working man in the auditing business. He somehow manages to take care of all of us and make it look easy. What a man! :D

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