Thursday, March 20, 2008

It's Blossom Time!

Since I've not been home for her to see, my mom has been asking me to send pictures of me "blossoming" as my belly gets bigger. I figured I would send her a real down-home photo, complete with overalls!

In other news, we're still house hunting. We've put in a bid on a place and are waiting to hear back from the seller. It's an exciting time but also a bit stressful. Our last offer was out there for almost two months so we decided to withdraw and start anew at a different location. We're trying to remain content and pray we are doing the right thing. Some times it's hard to know if, in our eagerness to find a place before Emma arrives, we're trying to jump ahead of God's timing. I think that whole "nesting" thing is kicking in. It's all good, though. Our Lord was born into a simple stable and did just fine. :D


ADB said...

Howdy!! You have that pregnant glow about you! You look so cute in your overalls!!


Michelle said...

Thank you Amanda. I've also got the pregnancy "grow" goin on.

I'm hoping those extra pounds will magically disappear once Emma is born. I hear that's the way it works (in the movies). ;)