Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Home Stretch

Just one more month to go before Emma's due date and things are starting to get really...real. The thought of having her here is so exciting. I've imagined what she's going to look like so many times and am surely going to be surprised when we finally see her. Up to this point, the days have been an almost constant loop of -- excitement (over the upcoming arrival), fear (of the unknown), worry (about what could go wrong), guilt (for the worry), relief (when I remember that God is in control of all things), and then excitement again. Add to that the fact that I've got a zillion times the amount of hormones in my system than is "normal"/non-pregnant, and you can only imagine the good times.
One more week and she'll be considered "full-term" and so she could be born at any time after that and not be considered premature. So far, she hasn't been measuring big. This is great news because that is the major concern with Gestational Diabetes. My blood sugar numbers have been very good. Hooray!
I have been thinking about some of the things I've been doing without for the past two months and am already making plans: After Emma is born, I'm going to eat cake! Cake with butter cream icing. Then, I'm going to send Robby to Chick-fil-a on a cookies and cream milkshake run. Pizza! and French fries too! Ok, so I'm not going to eat it all at once. Well... maybe not.

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