Monday, June 02, 2008


With a tank of gas costing more than a car seat, more than 15 white chocolate mochas, more than 300 diapers, more than... well, you get the point, we decided that this year we were going to stay home for the long weekend.

This was a great idea too because I'm not getting around quite as spryly as I used to and we've still got lots to do at the house before Emma arrives.

So, we took the time to finally open up the pool, put together some of Emma's gear, put the car seat in the car and lots of other pre-baby things. Actually, Robby did all of those things. I mostly did laundry and watched all of the hub-bub.

Oh, and I also took a few photos of some of the beautiful sights on our exotic staycation paradise.

There is a peach tree in the front yard that is filled with peaches. This one surprised me because it bloomed at the same time all the cherry blossoms were blooming around here. I didn't look closely at the leaves and just assumed it was a cherry tree too. Nope. Peaches! It's almost like being in Texas! I'm dreaming of homemade peach ice cream already. There are also strawberries and blueberry bushes in the beds nearby.

I think I need to add a blackberry vine to the mix just for old time's sake. I remember many times as a child coming into the house, my fingers and face stained purple from the blackberry juice, smiling a huge purple smile.

Then there was this dogwood. The blossoms on this one started out green, then turned white, and now... they're starting to turn pink! Just for Emma. :D
And there were Tropicana roses just for Grandma. They're her favorite. She'll be coming soon to visit and help out with all of the fun new baby stuff, you know, like sleepless nights and diaper changes. :D

I'm looking forward to having her here and I can't wait for her to meet her newest grandbaby.

Overall, the staycation was a grand success. The weather was great, making for lots of time to go outside and enjoy the birds, and squirrels and other wildlife. The smell of honeysuckle is so amazing. I feel like we've moved to the country. It's wonderful. On Sunday we woke to see two deer outside our window. I didn't get any photos of the pair (unfortunately, I had packed away the camera and fortunately, Robby had packed away his rifles ;) but it was a lovely way to start the day.

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