Thursday, June 26, 2008

Week Number One

I'm surprised and the relatively few number of photos I've taken so far of this tiny girl who, with those long, lean, legs of hers will most certainly be a super model someday. I guess I'm just so much in awe and can't pull myself from staring at this amazing, less than a week old, human.

Her belly button cord fell off on Tuesday! I thought they weren't supposed to fall off for two weeks, or something like that, not four days. If this is any indication of how quickly the milestones are going to fly by, I had better prepare myself and start taking lots of pictures. So, here are just a few.

So many amazing people have come to visit little Miss Emma. She's quite the social butterfly. Her head pastor and children's pastor came to the hospital for a visit. I hate that I did not get photos. While at home, we've had three couples from the church bring food for us this week. What a blessing! Below is a picture of Emma with our friend Vanessa. She and her husband Charlie brought some good ole Baptist bird (chicken) with all the fixins, including some delicious cherry pie! Yum!

Here we are with Grandma. She's in town visiting for a few days. It's great to have her here to share in these special days. This picture was taken at Gravelly Point, just outside the airport only moments after mom's arrival. Emma had to stop and take a lunch break. I guess you could say this is her first picnic.


Amy said...

she's so beautiful, and so are you, mommy!!!

Emily said...

Congratulations--you are both just beautiful!

Michelle said...

Thank you both. Little Emma has been such a joy. It's hard to imagine how we ever got along without her. We should be coming that way around Christmastime, we definitely need to get together then!