Thursday, June 19, 2008

Not yet

Well the full moon did not bring out the baby. I thought for sure it would. I started the day at about 3 a.m. with contractions about 10 minutes apart. Surely that meant that at some point during the day she would arrive. Nope! I continued to have contractions throughout the day but they never got any closer than about 10 minutes. So frustrating! Oh well. When the time is right, things will progress. Robby took the day off to spend with me and we took the time to do all kinds of last minute shopping. I went to the Original Pancake House in Falls Church for a great big apple pancake (I only ate a little bit, 'cause of the carbs, but it was oh so good). We spent the afternoon close to the hospital, just in case, but ended up going back home when it became clear that little girl was going to be stubborn (I won't say which side of the family this trait comes's both).

So, here I am at 3 a.m. Thursday morning. Contractions are still at about 10 minutes apart. I'm trying to distract myself at this point and the computer does a wonderful job at attention stealing I think. I figure when I hit the point that I can no longer point and click... that's the time to get myself to the hospital! ;)

I hope my next post will be soon with great news and lots of photos.


Anonymous said...

Congrats!!!!!!! I can't wait to see lil Emma! Hope you are recovering well!!

love ya,

Amy said...

We just got the email with photos! SO happy for you and your beautiful baby girl. Have a wonderful time getting to know your sweet one. Love you.