Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Emma and the animals

G'day mates! I wanted to take you along today for one of my "outdoor" adventures. Since I don't really get out much, due to the hot sun and the being 5 weeks old thing, I try to entertain myself by observing the local wildlife. Come along with me as I explore the wilds of my nursery. Some of the things you will see can be extremely wild and vicious, so... be warned.

Here we have a harmless flying rabbit. Ah, she's a beaut. These can be found flying in packs (there are four in this group). They're really easy to find because they are always flying in circles just above my crib. Fascinating. I can stare at these guys for.... minutes (and then I remember that I'm hungry again). My favorite part about the flying rabbit is its amazing ability to sing a lullaby. Quite a musical creature.

Oh Crikey! Where did he come from???

The piglet is an altogether different creature. He's often confused with an armadillo (see photo at top of post) because of his pointy snout, pointy ears and general armadillo appearance.

Sneaky little bugger... you never know where one of these will turn up. Well, other than on a Texas highway with a Lone Star bottle in its mouth.

Shhhhhhhhh.. be very,very, quiet. I've spotted flock of wooly lambs behind me. They are easily spooked so I'm going to turn around very... slowly.... and....

See the sheep.

Emma Hunter tip: For safety, try not to look wild animals directly in the eye, it makes them nervous.

Whew! That was exhausting.

The best thing to do at the end of a long day is to snuggle up with a good Baxter.

I hope you enjoyed my Emma adventure today. I know I sure did. Please come back to visit me any time and always remember to bring chocolate for my Momma.
Editor's note: No stuffed animals were harmed in the filming of this post. Not even those vicious pigadillos.

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