Thursday, August 14, 2008


Most significant of the advances this week has been Miss Emma's ability to hold herself up better. It makes carrying her up and down the stairs a whole lot easier because she's not just dead weight anymore. And she's loving to look around at everything.
After our big trip to SC, Emma had her first fit of inconsolability. I think she was just tired. I can certainly understand. Being on the road is tough. I rocked her, tried to feed her, changed her, burped her.... nothing was doing the trick. Finally, I decided to pull out the Ace I had been holding and took her to her favorite place in the whole wide world. I put her on her changing table (pictured above) and instantly... she stopped crying and started smiling.
Her happy place.
If only we all had something like that. A place where we instantly forgot our troubles and burst into smile.

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Mighty New Mommy said...

Emma Grace just gets sweeter by the day! What cute pictures! And you, Mommy, have a wonderful attitude about those sleepless nights. What a great way to have a laugh over these moments. It's better than crying! (I cried a lot when sleep was lacking. LOL.)