Sunday, October 05, 2008


Today we stood before our church family and formally dedicated Emma. We promised to raise her in a Christian home and to give her guidance and direction and to live in such a way that someday she will come to a saving understanding of Christ. This is something we've promised to do even before her birth. It is our priviledge. She is a blessing and we are required to be good stewards of God's good and wonderful gifts.

The same pastor that performed our wedding ceremony said the prayer of dedication for Emma. He was also present for our engagement (Robby proposed at the church's Valentine's banquet).

Emma charmed the whole congregation, of course. She was sweet and lovely, as usual. I will admit that I was just a little bit nervous that she would choose this exact moment to have a meltdown. I shouldn't have been concerned. She was an angel.

Now her daddy on the other hand.....

Only kidding! He was an angel too, of course. :D

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