Monday, September 29, 2008


See this face?

This is the typical expression I get the second my precious smiling baby girl spots the camera.
Stone cold.
One second she's just glowing, her whole body lighting up with her joyous smile and then the next-- it's like a snuffalupagus-- no one who looks at her believes it exists. Then I'm standing around like a big yellow bird saying, "She was just here!", "Honest!"
"Sure, sure, Big Bird. We believe you."
This presents quite a dilemma, as it would not do for an aspiring super model to have a camera aversion. Unless there are a number of reputable photographers out there willing to catch their subject completely by surprise, or make crazy goo goo faces at her, I think her daddy and I may have to re-think our early retirement plan. ;)

I'm pretty sure she gets this behavior from her father's side of the family. He's so camera shy. Bless his heart. Maybe one day we'll get him to open up and come out of his shell.