Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Emma '08

Everyone keeps asking me to give them my views on the upcoming Presidential election. "You're a baby of the people, Emma." they say. "You're in touch with the common infant." they cry.

While it is true that I am an expert on all of the issues effecting the recently born and have very strong feelings on which party we should have leading this country... I choose not to use this venue as a political blog. This blog is all about the pretty.

The press is still always hounding me to make my pick known. If I were approximately 17 and a half years older this November, I would definitely cast my vote for a particular party, but, you'll never know which one. Nope, I'll never tell. So I guess you'll just have to get used to not knowing and keep your eyes off the tabloids, because this girl is keeping that information very close to her heart -- and not on her sleeve.

Until next time... this is Emma G, signing off.

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ADB said...

i love her outfit and her matching elephant! she is getting so big!