Thursday, July 30, 2009

Miss Personality

It has been a long time since my last post. I figured out that the reason is not because there hasn't been anything worth noting but more it has been because little Miss E has pretty much been non-stop since learning to walk. Seriously, every time I go to sit down at the computer she races to either start banging on the keys herself or to close the laptop completely. Baby girl has her own opinions about how things should go and they all seem to revolve around her play schedule.

If only she were as interested in eating. I still can't get her to sit down and eat a meal. She's been subsisting on pretty much a Pediasure diet for a while now. The pediatrician isn't too worried about it so I'm trying not to stress. She'll catch up eventually. For now though, she just doesn't seem the least bit interested in eating much of anything besides the occasional piece of cheese or cup of yogurt.
The picture above is of a hilarious moment I just happened to catch on camera. While playing out in the sunroom Emma spontaneously picked up my purse and put it over her head. She started walking around and grabbing random things to put inside it. It was so cute. I was completely impressed with how well she managed to balance with that thing on her shoulder. She's just now getting the hang of the whole walking thing and this was quite an unexpected "next step" for us.

With the summer winding down, I'm not sure how Emma is going to adjust when she is no longer able to do two of her absolute favorite things right now. Actually, I'm sure she'll do just fine, but she will miss swimming in the pool and picking vegetables from the garden for as long as her limited memory will allow. She just loves picking tomatoes the best. She thinks they are little red balls. She is a little bit obsessed with balls and will loudly blurt out "BALL" whenever she sees anything remotely round. This is "great" when we are in the store too. Did you know that both Pepsi and Coke have logos that cause my daughter to shout in the aisles? Yep. I'm pretty sure they did that on purpose.

It's a shame she won't eat any of the things she picks. She'll stick the little cherry tomatoes in her mouth and even the peas (tiny green balls) too --but look out! They won't stay in there long. She'll bite into them and then make the strangest face. Then, out they go.

When we said she was going to be a super-model we weren't expecting her to take us so seriously. ;)

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lee said...

so sweet, wait till she eats only fries for a week,then only chicken for a week, then something else, those toddlers stick to the good stuff,