Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Christmas QC style!

The annual Christmas meeting of the Quote Committee, the small but dedicated group of classy ladies who kept a building filled with underappreciated attorneys from collectively jumping to their deaths to simply alleviate the sheer boredom and lack of self-respect that accompanied their tedious and monotonous jobs, was held this past week. Indeed, it was a festive affair. This year we were joined by a junior member, Miss Emma, and her delightful joy for life was a perfect addition to this holiday soiree.

Within moments of arriving, Emma had already torn the place apart. Notice the floor. Somehow, she knew exactly where to go to find the measuring cups and then commenced to dispersing them throughout the house. It's amazing how quickly this happened. She is definitely in the "racoon phase" of her toddlerhood. Every drawer, every shelf, every container... MUST...BE...EXPLORED... and....

eventually destroyed.

Bless Lisa for letting us meet in her new place. She is the sweetest hostess ever. I'm sure she'll be finding pieces of tupperware in unusual places for months to come.
After the meal and melee of present opening, Emma took a moment to do some reading. Check out those wonky pigtails. They are at those angles because, during the course of the night, I'm pretty sure I put those rubber bands back in her hair at least a dozen times each. At this point I'm just happy to have two of them on her head. Direction is irrelevant.

Auntie Roshni, AKA the "ticklemonster" is always a hit with Miss E. They love to exchange fashion tips and other pop culture news stories. She's the cool aunt that knows all the secrets a girl would never tell her mother.

It is always great to see my dear friends. I honestly credit them with saving my sanity during that dark year at "The Soulless Law Firm that Shall Not Be Named". God has blessed me with such wonderful friends and I am so thankful for these special ladies. And a special shout out needs to go to our missing member and new mom, Hallie Joy. We love you and miss you! Hugs and smooches to that beautiful baby girl. :D

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