Saturday, December 19, 2009

Shopper Stopper Storm of '09

Let's just say that all of this snow was not Emma's favorite thing ever.

Record breaking amounts of snow have covered the area. People are unable to leave their homes. People are having to stay at home on this Saturday before Christmas! Retailers are despairing.

But the Wagoners are taking advantage of this beautiful sight and throwing caution to the wind! It's a good thing we didn't break our necks out there acting like fools. I'm pretty sure an ambulance would be hard pressed to make it to our house with the roads still covered with snow. The mailman hasn't even braved this snow. I thought the whole keeping of appointed rounds was their "thing". I guess they get a pass because of all the unprecedented-ness of this in the DC area.

We've already had close to 20 inches of snow and it's supposed to keep snowing for at least another six hours. I probably shouldn't say so, but I think all of this snow has something to do with what Congress is doing today and a certain angel-non-grata's residence Freezing Over!

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