Thursday, August 04, 2005

Change for the Better

I love the Metro. I've been here two months already and I still love it. I really love not having to drive in this crazy DC traffic.
There are so many interesting stories, wrapped in people packages, getting on and off those trains every day. I know it is impossible to put all of these people into neat categories, but, there are three groups of people I've noticed that have particularly grabbed my interest on the Metro.

The "Strivers": These are the ones who are rushing, pushing to get ahead, never looking left or right, but straight ahead and sometimes down (mostly on those in the next group). They need no one else. They are going to make it on their own and woe be to those who dare get in the way. People in this group are never seen without their headphones on, their PDA's whizzing, and something to read.

Looking Around: These are the people who appear to have resigned themselves to being the ones "passed by" in the wake of the strivers. They are looking for help, unsure of their own ability to survive in this world. Perhaps they've made some very bad choices. Possibly, they've never known any other way to be but dependent.

I guess I've been guilty of being a Metro zombie on a few occasions (ok, maybe more than a few). But, I have decided that I wanted to be someone in a third category:

Those who are Looking Up.

Soon after arriving in DC, I decided to begin praying for opportunities to show God's love to those I meet in the Metro (and everywhere else). I knew I needed to have more compassion for all people, and not just the loveable ones who agree with me.
Coming from such a sheltered and wonderful place like Fort Worth, I could go months at a time and never run into someone who didn't think, act, or speak exactly as I did. Don't ge me wrong, I love Fort Worth. The Lord had me there for a reason, preparing me and making sure I was well grounded and solid in my beliefs before He sent me to the very dark place where He wanted me to be salt and light for Him.
I know that each person is precious to the One who created us all. He knows the number of hairs on our heads (even the bald ones), He knit us in our mothers' wombs. We are each a beautiful treasure to Him and He loves us all the same.
It didn't take long for the Lord to show me His plan for how I could be used here in the city.
It has only been a month and a half since my first "mission" and I already have tons of stories to share on how God uses the foolish things of this world (me) for His purposes.

Stay tuned to this blog for more details on the simple things that have made a big difference in the D.C. Metro.

*Tourists fall into their own unique group. They are wide eyed and wonderful. They are looking at everything. I love the excitement and thirst for knowledge they have. I just might write something all about them someday too.
Actually, I've been here such a short time, I probably fall into this category-- but not often enough.*

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BlackVelvetLace said...

Being salt and light in a dark place is a hard thing to do Sweet. I can see that your faith carries you well there.