Monday, August 29, 2005

Clark Gardens

Recently inspired by one of my friend's trave-blog of her home town (thanks Monkey), I thougth it would be fun to post a few pictures from Mineral Wells, Texas!

These were taken at Clark Gardens. This place is amazing. Acres and acres of exquisite gardens (Over 50!). No one would ever guess that such culture existed in tiny town Texas. It is definitely an oasis of beauty that surpasses any of the botanic gardens I've seen elsewhere.

I know I am Texas proud and, therefore, prone to exaggeration, but... seriously... check out these pictures taken with my cheap little disposable camera. (Having digital issues at the moment).

This is a replica of the local courthouse. There are miniature trains running through parts of the gardens. I was a little bummed they weren't people sized, but, oh well. ;) It's very Mr. Rogers, don't you think?

It's nice to have a place like this to add to my screen/sanity saver collection.

Especially one that takes me back home.


Anonymous said...

Clark Gardens is a real treasure. I have seen it! Thanks for the pictures.

Monkey said...

Trains! May have to visit Texas one of these days. Thanks Flippn'.

Mandy D said...

Your pictures turned out great! I 'spose I should send you my copies, too...good thing you're gracious!