Friday, August 12, 2005

The Ticket

My co-worker Kyle and I went down to the "hill" to walk around and do some exploring. It was a busy summer day in mid June. Why I thought this would be a good idea on a day when I had on my most uncomfortable pointy shoes, I don't know. Strangely, I didn't stick out in the uncomfortable suited crowd.
As we were walking back to the metro station after lunch, I noticed a man near the entrance who did stick out. When I remember him now, I see him standing there, the color of ash. His gray hair and ragged beard matched perfectly his sooty gray clothes. He was reaching out desperately to people in the crowd. I could hear him say "I just need a little money for a ticket."
I was so excited. I was finally getting my chance to share. I reached into my purse and pulled out a huge handful of quarters and dimes and eagerly handed it to him. But, before I could say anything, I was carried by the rush of people getting onto the escalator. I was sad that I hadn't had a chance to do more, but God turned it into a victory anyway.
"Wow, that was nice." Kyle said, stunned. We started talking about how he had sort of "tuned-out" people like that. I shared my stories about how I used to be that way too but that I had decided to do things differently now. As we were talking and before we reached the bottom of the escalator, Kyle stopped mid-sentence and, looking off beyond me, said "Oh my gosh. He's buying a ticket!" He couldn't believe it. Kyle was so surprised that the man's story was actually true he could say nothing more than "hunh?" to himself a couple of times as he watched the man buy his ticket and board the train.
I could tell the whole experience had given him something to think about that he hadn't considered before. And I like to think that maybe, just maybe, the next time someone asks-- he'll give it a try too.


Anonymous said...

How about that!
I think you scored yourself a little good karma.

BlackVelvetLace said...

She did better than that Screetus. She earned a *crown*, not that she was looking for one.

When an expert in Mosaic law asked Jesus what the greatest commandment was He replied:

" 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.' 38This is the first and greatest commandment. 39And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.'40All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments." (Matthew 22)

Sweet lived up to His standards when she handed that man the change. And who knows how it significantly affected his life.

radicalmoderate said...

I find your change stories interesting. We have a 25th anniversary coming up where I work and the whole theme is going to be trying to get people to save up their silver and donate it to us. We started the idea a couple months ago but just picked the slogan. We're using 'Silver Changes Lives'. We're having people collect over a couple months. At an event next June we'll have a birthday party at a bank and announce who collected the most change. We'll have activities for kids centered around charity and understanding money and we'll use the time to post lots of fast facts about what your money can do for the community. Like, x number of quarters provides an advocate to help battered women get protection orders.

One of the billboards we sketched out shows silver change up close so you can see the Presidents on it and it says...' Volunteer your friends for a change.'

You're kind of running your own campaign...with silver changing lives over there in DC.

Nice job...

Monkey's Human said...

I've always given money to people on the street. It just seemed right. The unexpected side effect for me is what my son has learned. He knows that we always give to those who don't have what we have. He's so sweet, when he sees a box for a charity, he says, "Mum, can I have some money to put in?"

The reward of that is beyond words.

Monkey said...

I have a song you have got to hear. I'll post a link for it on Monkey's site under "Underwear Goes Inside the Pants."

flippnsweet said...

Thanks for posting guys. I like the theme "Silver Changes Lives". I almost posted a whole story the other day about how we are being refined like silver. :)

Maybe I will go ahead and do it now.

And Monkey, I can't wait to hear your song.

You guys are awesome!

Steph said...

Wow flippn, your site is really amazing. Keep your faith strong, it's definitely an inspiration!

flippnsweet said...

Thank you Stephanie. :D

God's been so good to me... I can't help but talk about it.

flippnsweet said...

Whoa MOnkey!

I heard your song.

Two words:

*warning label*


BlackVelvetLace said...

Steph, I am always utterly amazed at the strength of Sweet's faith and how biblically she thinks. I wasn't raised in a Christian home (as the bible defines it) although I was raised in a very moral/churched Catholic one. I therefore have always been able to discern right from wrong, but seeing the world as Sweet does, does not come naturally to me. May I aspire to that level one day.

Radical, I love your company's theme and ideas. You must work in human services.

Monkey, that story of your son emulating you made my day. I have to admit I've always been skeptical of giving money to people begging. I always expect it to end up spent in a liquor store. So this blog entry made me think twice along with Kyle.

Sweet, do I need earplugs for Monkeys song? ::Knows the lil rascal has a mouth like a garbage truck. His human somewhere said so:: :P

Monkey said...

Sorry Flippn'. I now have a rating on Monkey's Deep Thoughts too.

Yes BVL, he's quite the little potty mouth. It started when he had to stay with my ex for a week. Yikes!