Thursday, January 22, 2009

BS and other things

A friend of mine noticed that the Boon Spoon was conspicuously missing in the last blog entry concerning Emma and feeding and she wondered if perhaps we had changed our endorsement of it.
The answer is "no".
The Boon is still great. We still use it quite a bit. Especially on the more liquidy stuff like peaches and cereal. It actually ends up being more like a straw at those times because she can eat those peaches faster than we can get them to her mouth. But, since Emma seemed convinced that she wanted to try and feed herself, we thought we would give her something her little hands could handle. While the BS is wonderful for parents, it's just too big and bulky and difficult for tiny hands to hold or squeeze.
My friend also asked about Emma's bib in the photo. It's great too. It ties in the back and covers her arms really well. It's also water resistant so you can just wipe/rinse it off when you're done. I will have to say that it still doesn't entirely protect her clothes around the neck area because it's still a little big for her. I think the only way to avoid the food stains there is to feed her when she's shirtless. It's still a little too cold now for me to do that but, believe me, if it were summertime, I would have to censor her feeding photos.
We got the bib at Babies R Us. It's kind of hard to tell what it looks like from the packaging because it's folded into a square. Just look for the pink and purple flowerdy print. It's made by Koala Baby.
I also have to mention one more bit of solid feeding info that I've discovered. I call it "baby crack". Emma can't get enough of this stuff and I actually have to hide the container because she becomes transfixed and begins drooling at the mere sight of it. The brand name of this product is Gerber Graduates Finger Foods. It's the cherry puffs kind. These are star shaped puffy things that kind of melt in the baby's mouth, so no teeth are required. Technically, Emma doesn't qualify as a "graduate" according to their standards because she's not crawling yet, but, as long as I'm supervising her I feel pretty confident she's able to handle the puffs ok without choking. My neighbor is actually the one who told me about this one. I probably wouldn't have been brave enough to give them to Emma so soon but her daughter, who is only 2 days older than Emma, loves the puffs in the same babynip kind of way. She's tried the strawberry-apple and banana variety and loves them both. I might let Emma tries those as well -- that is, if I don't decide to cut her off now for her own good.

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