Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Congratulations Emma!

Today you are 7 mos. old!
And to celebrate this grand occasion, we (and by "we", I mean "you") are going to have......

Yummy Green Beans!!!! And to show us all what a big girl she is, Emma decided that she was no longer content to have Mom hold the spoon. Instead, Emma decided that she would do the work herself. What a smart girl. She even dipped the spoon into the bowl to "re-load".

Can you tell she's proud of her latest accomplishment?
I'm pretty sure she's got green beans so far up her nose we won't see them again until she learns how to blow it
-- years from now.
But she got them there, and got a pretty good amount of food into her mouth, all by herself!
That's my girl!
That's the sweet smell of success, Sweetheart. Savor it. :D


Amy said...

Congrats Emma...what a smart little girl you are.
Two questions for mommy:
1) What happened to the Boon spoon? I've been contemplating getting it after your rave reviews.
2) What is Miss Emma wearing? It looks like some kind of body bib.

Katherine Klegin said...

Happy Birthday Ms. Emma!!!