Sunday, January 04, 2009

No Place Like Home

Emma's first Christmas was as much a blur to us as it was, I'm sure, to her. This holiday season, our little family put in over 4490 miles in just 16 days. There were only three days- including Christmas Day- that we weren't on the road. Ridiculous. I know.
Why would anyone do such a thing, you ask? Good question. The answer is...we're crazy!


Actually, we needed to pick up the piano my Grandmother left to me and Grandpa's rocking chair. We pulled a trailer all the way to Texas for those two things and ended up coming back to Virginia with the thing filled to the roof with stuff!
What in the world? Where did all of this junk come from? What am I going to do with it?
I have no idea. But I'm sure I'll be glad I have it once the shock wears off. I don't even know what is in half of these old boxes. I'm sure there are lots of really bad pictures of me with some really bad hair. Probably lots of doodles and old love notes and other things that occupied my teenaged brain once upon a time. I'm seriously frightened to go digging into all of that dusty stuff.
And it's not all from my mom's place either. We picked up quite a bit of stuff in South Carolina as well. Robby had boxes and added a grandmother's rocking chair of his own to the collection... and a keyboard too.

So......2009 is sure to be a "rocking" year for us all. (I'm sorry. I knew that last line was lame before I even typed it. and I typed it anyway. I blame television... and road weariness. Fatigue is a major contributing factor in this accident.).

Here are a few photos from our journey. Maybe a few adorable pics of Emma will cleanse your palate after that bad pun:

This last picture cracks me up. There they were, the men lined up, each with their own little clone sitting in their laps. Too cute.

Overall, I'm glad we made the trip. It was long and arduous. I'm tired. Sooooo tired. We're all still worn out and feeling sickly (We all got matching colds for Christmas). It will take a while for us to recover. But, we've got a lot of memories now that we've brought back that, like the extra weight I've put on over the holidays, will stay with us for a very long time.

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