Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Day! (updated)

While there have been a few flurries this year, today is the first real snow that Emma has seen. Her mom is a big chicken this morning and, rather than going outside, preferred to enjoy the pretty scenery from the comfort of home.

There's a hill right next to our house and all of the kids are out there sledding right now. I can already tell that there won't be too many more winters where I can get away with staying inside on days like these. Emma will have me out there pulling her and her sled back up that hill I'm sure.

That's why today... it's couches and cocoa!


Originally, the plan was to stay nice and toasty inside on this snowy day. As the day progressed and the snow accumulated, I eventually changed my tune. Emma and I bundled up and joined Robby outside for a little fun in the fluffy stuff before it all turns to ice tonight.

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ADB said...

send some of that snow to TX!!!